We created MonsterJamz with the goal of encouraging the Cardano Community to explore their creative side, create and discuss music. MonsterJamz starts this multi-year project with a collection of 10,000 unique and handcrafted NFTs, which will be released periodically as shown in this roadmap. Each MonsterJamz is created from scratch by our artist and each item is assigned, created and integrated by hand, at no point of the creation process we use a randomizer or any kind of algorithm based generative art. Owners of MonsterJamz will also participate in airdrops, events and more throughout the length of the project.

We see MonsterJamz as more than a simple NFT collection, and wish to give it a purpose, a means to bring music into the lives of people with our funny monsters. We believe that even in the Cardano community there's a number of aspiring musicians trying to make their work known to the world, but going unrecognized despite their best efforts. The MonsterJamz project aims to support the Cardano musician community by creating a program where we will work with undiscovered artists to promote their music, giving them exposure and featuring them in our website, as well as creating NFTs from the music samples they offer which will be airdropped to MonsterJamz NFT collectors. Music has been proven to improve all areas of children's development and provide them with skills and confidence, that is why we wanted to help those that will compose the next generation of musicians, by partnering with different charities to support children and potential musicians, providing them with the tools and resources they need to receive a musical education. This is why we pledge to donate 1 ADA out of every NFT sold, which accounts for 10,000 ADA for the entirety of the collection, a small contribution that we hope changes somebody's life forever.

While our roadmap showcases the steps we will take to guarantee collectors and supporters that the collection will be finished, and that the project will accomplish its goals, we also find feedback from the community extremely valuable and plan to listen to any suggestions and plan accordingly. The main goal of this collection is to provide valuable art, which is why each step we take will keep the opinion from the community in mind.

Planned Drops

After our Debut Tour, which takes place on October 9th, we will then have another three Tours before the end of 2021. One Tour will be on Sunday, October 31st, with another 500 NFTs added to the collection. The following Tour will be on November 30th and will add another 1,000. Our last Tour for the year will be on December 30th with another 2,000 NFTs. This will sum to a total of 4,000 NFTs before the end of the year. That will conclude all drops of Monsters for the calendar year.

Right before the end of the year, we have planned to  release our first Audio NFTs airdrops, which will be both a way to reward our community for believing in this project, and a way to bring more exposure to artists from the Cardano community. Our goal is to release 1,000 audio NFTs to be airdropped to MonsterJamz collectors. The airdrops will be unannounced and awarded to community members at random, we will only ask our fans to check their wallets once we have sent their new audio NFTs. In our Discord, we will have open requests for audios or audio pieces who people would like to see as a part of our audio NFTs. These audio NFTs will not be a part of the MonsterJamz collection.

As for the remaining 2 drops ,our first Tour of 2022 will take place on February 28th, 2022,  and will add 3,000  new NFTs to the collection. As we approach our last drop, this will conclude our last last for this project. Unfortunately, this last Tour will be the final drop and the last piece added to the Monsterjamz collection. The last tour will take place on April 28th and will feature the remaining 3,000 NFTs, bringing the collection to a total of 10,000.


Q4 2021

  • Release the first 5,000 NFTs

    • Drop 1: 500 NFTs (October 9th, 2021)

    • WenCNFT Collab Drop (October 30th)

    • Drop 2: 500 NFTs (TBD)

    • Drop 3: 1500 NFTs (TBD, 2021)

  • Prepare Audio NFT collection for airdrops.

  • Create a sub-community of artists from the Cardano community

Q1 2022

  • Release second part of the collection: 5,000 NFTs

  • Release first airdrop of Audio NFTs (Each Audio NFT will be unique).

  • Prepare first album with original songs from artists from the community members