About Us


Our Goals

         We created MonsterJamz as a way to connect both of our passions, music and crypto, and create a community for people to discuss and create music on the Cardano space. With our project we intend to bring some fun in the form of silly looking monsters, as well as assisting the development of the next generation of musicians by pledging 1 ADA per NFT sold to various foundations focused on bringing the joys of music to young musicians to be.


      The entire MonsterJamz collection will consist of 10,000 unique NFTs in addition to a set of surprise airdrops aimed at helping the aspiring musicians of the Cardano community while rewarding the collectors for trusting in the vision we have for our project.

Why Cardano?

     In recent year interest in all things crypto has skyrocketed with many interesting projects emerging. Out of all the blockchain projects out there we recognize Cardano and its mission as a veritable way to advance this new technology that opens the door to the possibility of changing the world. Any amount of research into the Cardano platform will show that it has an exciting team of all-stars dedicated to working towards a sustainable future.